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39 Round Brilliant Diamonds=0.60cttw ; 4 Emerald = 0.72ct
Claw/Bezel Set Diamond Band
18kt White Gold
20 baguette diamonds=0.30cttw
42 round diamonds=0.32cttw
1 oval emerald = 0.60ct
claw/channel set diamonds with claw set emerald
diamond/emerald ring
18kt white gold
1=3.60ct Square Emerald and 68=2.00ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring in Platinum
Diamond and Gemstone Fashion Channel Set Band in 18k White Gold. 0.42ct t.d.w Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. 0.80ct Square-shaped Emerald.
15=0.30ct Round Brilliant Diamonds
5=0.51ct Pear Shape Emeralds
Diamonds on Shank Ring  14kt in White gold
3 ov em=0.75ct
44=0.30ct tdw
claw set ring
18k wg
32=0.42ct rbc
8=1.36ct blue
sapphire baguettes
claw; channel set
ring  18kt  wg
24=.62; 14mm sq gr am ring
Gemstone Fashion Ring In Sterling Silver. 1.65ct Cushion-cut Garnet.
5=0.53ct baguettes
6=0.38ct square
rubies; channel
set band  18kt wg
Diamond and Gemstone Clover-shaped Fashion Ring in 18k Whiet Gold. 0.24ct t.d.w Round and Square shaped Diamond. 0.37ct t.g.w Round and Square shaped Emerald.
Diamond and Gemstone Fashion Ring in 18k White Gold. 0.12ct t.d.w Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. 1.82ct Octagon-shaped Tanzanite.
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