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Diamond and Gemstone Fashion Pendant with Chain in 14k White Gold. 0.20ct t.d.w Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. 1.35ct Round-shaped Ruby.
0.46ct tdw
13.3mm blk
tahitian prl
18k wg
6rd;12mq=0.72ct 16mm gld pr
168=0.61ct Diamond and 16=1.48ct Round Ruby Pendant in 18K White Gold
23=0.16ct rbc
1=1.25ct oct
tanzanite; claw
set pend  18k wg
44=0.38ct rbc
3=0.84ct oval
rubies PPF
pend  18kt wg
48-0.17ct tdw
0.41ct oval ruby
dia bale
18k tt
164=0.84ct  rbc
round M O P
claw set dia bale
pend  18k  wg
CZ Star of David
pend with 17  
adjustable chain
yellow gold pltd
ster silver
17 Inch Adjustable Cubic Zirconia Hamsa with Evil Eye Centre Necklace Yellow Gold Plated in Sterling Silver
17   adjustable
CZ s;  Hamsa
with evil eye ctr
ster silver
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