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Black and White Round-shaped Fashion Pendant in 14k White Gold. 0.40ct White Round-shaped Diamond. 0.40ct Black Round-shaped Diamond.
Diamond Filigree Heart-shaped Fashion Pendant in 14k Rose Gold. 2.10ct t.d.w Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.
1.50ct RBC
one large and 
one small; larger
in centre and 
smaller around
dangle pendant
14kt  wg
42=0.40ct rbc
24=0.66ct baguettes
claw channel set
cluster centre
teardrop pendant
with chain
18kt  wg
36  ;  28=0.64ct RBC
bezel set diamonds by
the yard necklace
14kt  yg
0.35ct TDW
0.20ct centre 
20=0.15ct around
claw set pendant
14k wg
30=0.55ct RBC
3 claw set round
snowman style
pendant  14k wg
2sc=0.02ct tdw
dancing diamond
round pendant
14k yg
1sc=0.01ct diamond
  Mom   key pendant
sterling silver
Diamond Fashion  Heart-shaped Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold. 0.60ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.
Diamond and Amethyst Round-shaped Slider in 18k White Gold. 0.06ct t.d.w Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. 0.75ct Round Amethyst.
1=0.44ct pear shape
fancy yellow;
14=0.14ct yellow diamonds
32=0.40ct rbc
claw; bezel set teardrop
shape necklace
18kt tt
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