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20=1.20ct RBC
30=1.00ct tapered baguettes
16=0.50ct tapered baguettes
claw set marquise shape
cluster ring
10kt  yg
1=0.20ct RBC
2 claw set 
twist top
ring  18kt wg
46=0.50ct RBC
2 row shared 
claw set band
10kt  wg
84sc=0.24ct tdw
claw set single
straight bar; diamonds
on either end ring
14kt  wg
55=1.10ct rbc
55=1.10ct Fncy yellow
(Irradiated) pave 
wide band  14kt tt
0.90ct RBC
3 claw set clusters
diamonds on shanks
ladies ring
18kt tri colour
1.15ct tdw
15 Princess cuts
38 round brilliant cuts
channel; claw set
band   18k w
69=0.50ct RBC
claw set in four
rows   X   design
14kt  yg
1.00ct TDW
17 RBC channel set
16 rbc claw set
42 small RBC on
edges band
14kt  wg
1=0.06ct RBC
claw set 5 petal
floral cluster
ring  14kt wg/rg
25sc=0.25cd tdw
claw set cluster
ring  14kt tt
0.14ct RBC
2 large; 4 small
two hearts ring
10kt  wg
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