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1.40ct rbc
two row claw
set dangle 
dias on top
14kt  wg
3.42ct RBC
3 long oval dia
set  dangle earrings
larger dias at
bottom;  14k wg
2=0.18ct rbc
64=2.26ct rbc
chan set studs
with round channel
set dangle earrings
18k wg
2=0.30ct rbc
100=1.10ct rbc
claw/pave set
round; clover
dangle earrings
18k wg
50=0.50ct tdw
claw set halo; and
upper portion; lever
back semi mt
earrings;  18k wg
2=0.38ct rbc
claw set long 
graduated size
dangle earrings
18k wg
162sc=1.36ct tdw
claw set curvy large
teardrop dangle
earrings  14kt wg
Diamond Fashion Dangle Earrings in 14k White GOld. 1.00ct t.d.w Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.
308sc=.90ct tdw
claw set curvy
hoop dangle
earrings  14kt wg
pave diamond earrings
  leaf   shape drop style 
18kt white gold
424=1.76ct tdw
3 row large narrow
in/out hoops
18k wg
68-1.00ct tdw
3 row pave
omega back
14k wg
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