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1.00ct RBC
5 large in centre row
6 smaller in centre row
34 smallest in two
outside rows; shared
claw wide band
14k  wg
4.00ct RBC TDW
5 row micropave
eternity band
14kt  wg
5=1.00ct RBC
shared claw
14kt  wg
11=0.27ct RBC
channel set
band  14k wg
67=2.04ct RBC
5 row pave
set band
14k  wg
65=2.00ct RBC
5 row shared
claw wide band
14kt wg
3.00ct RBC
channel set
eternity band
14kt  wg
11sc=0.17ct tdw; Concave Pave Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold
117 Round=1.60 3 Row Pave Set Diamond Eternity Ring in 18k 
Yellow Gold
10=1.10ct Shared Claw Diamond Band in 18K White Gold
72 round diamonds=1.55cttw
26 princess cut diamonds=2.22cttw
claw/channel set diamond eternity ring
18kt white gold
22PC=2.20ct tdw
2 row invisible
set band
14k wg
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